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2016 Inductee – Steeno’s “Das Baron Mondtal Von Steeno”

MondtalOwner/Handler:  Bill & Carol Steeno
504 Champion Points
Legendary Status Champion
25x Champion
3 Super Major Championships
2 Major Championships

Son of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Bitte, better known as “Mooner”, was the pup that no one wanted from Kleine’s last litter.  So, the Steeno’s decided to keep this cute independent ball of non-stop energy, always testing them and showing that he had tremendous stamina and a great ability to hunt.

Mooner competed in many different venues:  National Bird Dog Circuit where it was common to see him at the top of the leaderboard, National Shoot to Retrieve Competitions where he finished as Green Bay Dog of Year several times, and Dock Dog Competitions where his best jump was 20 feet off a dock.

Mooner was a natural born hunter in all aspects of the phrase and he appreciated wildlife.  He was willing to jump into frigid, half-frozen beaver ponds to retrieve ducks and geese. He had the ability to hunt fur, rabbits and squirrels, as well as tangle with several porcupines in his lifetime.  Mooner gave respect to the white-tailed deer, as on several occasions, he would point them but not chase them.

Mooner was a loving family pet and devoted hunter.  He always wanted to be with the humans, showing his sweet and caring personality.   He was always looking to please.  The Steeno’s will say that they were blessed to have him in their family for an amazing 16 years.

On this day, Thursday, March 17th, 2016, Das Baron Mondtal Von Steeno, “MONDTAL” enters the BDC Hall of Fame with 504 Champion Points, 3 Super Major wins, and 2 Major wins.  An extraordinary dog who, for those that were privileged to compete with him or see him compete, were blessed.  Mondtal, a true champion that will be remembered forever.

Mooner enters the BDC Hall of Fame a 25x Champion with Legendary Status.  He had 3 Super Major Wins, which include 2 National Championships, and 2 Major wins finishing his career with 504 Lifetime Champion Points.  Mondtal was a gentle soul, a treasured companion, and a true champion that will always be remembered.

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