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2017 Inductee – Garrity’s Einstein

Owner/Handler:  Bob Garrity
867 Champion Points
Legendary Status Champion
43x Champion
4 Super Major Championships
4 Major Championships

The 2006 Lee Neary tournament was the breakout event for a German Wirehair Pointer puppy named Einstein.  Little did Bob know at that time what a treasure he had in this fine pup.  It did not take long for Einstein to become part of the arsenal of dogs on Team Smokin’ Six Guns.  This team would hit several tournaments nationwide and had success everywhere they went and Einstein always did her part.

Einstein showed a lot of potential as a puppy.  In fact, she won the 2007 US Open in the Puppy Division.  This was her first Super Major win.  She would go on and win several PHU events that she competed in as well as many BDC tournaments.  She was competitive everywhere she played.  While she had an amazing nose and could find birds with ease, her style was not as pretty as some of her notable competition. Einstein didn’t need to be pretty and as the saying goes; slow and steady wins the race. She proved that.

Einstein’s forte was in the Doubles division.  This is where she really excelled.  She did well with anyone that was in the field with her.  She won the Player’s Championship in 2008 with RJ Teune as Bob’s doubles partner and in 2009 when Bob teamed up with his brother, Glenn. However, Einstein’s most noteworthy accomplishment was winning the 2009 World Championships in the Doubles division with Bob and Mike Pyle gunning for her.

It was once said that Einstein had a face only a mother could love, but that just is not true.  Einstein was a finalist in the Favorite Dog competition as part of the BDCs television show in 2015.  That said, through an online voting process, she was not only a finalist, she won.

Einstein’s life mate was Albert, and they are the first pointing “couple” in the BDC Hall of Fame.  Albert entered the Hall of Fame in 2015. It is only fitting that Einstein would soon follow.  Today, March 16, 2017, Einstein enters the BDC Hall of Fame as 3rd generation Wirehair inductee behind her father, Mondtal, and his mother, Kleine with 867 Champion Points, 4 Major wins, 4 Super Major wins, and a Legendary Champion that will forever be remembered.


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National Bird Dog Circuit

18 hours 19 minutes ago

A quick note to remind everyone that the entry deadline for the BDC National Championships is one week from today (next Sunday)! Get your entry forms and deposits in the mail soon so you are in by the deadline!

National Bird Dog Circuit

1 week 4 days ago

Invitational 2018 Flushing Doubles Champion, Perazzi! She is a bit of a diva so having owner, Kyle Kerstetter and partner Tom Glynn in the picture wasn’t an option! Congratulations Raz, Kyle, and Tom on your win!