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2007 Inductee – Lady

Owner/Handler: Jim Yaresh
530 BDC Points
3 SM wins
26x Champion
Legendary Status Champion

The year was 1991 and Jim Yaresh was getting started to make a name for himself in the game.

His yellow lab, Lady, made her debut at the Minnesota Partridge Championships, and won the Top Gun Flusher Event. From there, this fantastic yellow lab went on to accumulate 530 Champion points and 3 Super Major wins.

Not overly fast, her best attribute was her tracking ability and incredible nose for birds. She was never formerly trained and was a natural hunter.

A house dog, Lady gave the Yareshes many great memories in and out of the field and is certainly missed by their family.

A lot of us in the game today never knew Lady or had the opportunity to watch her win her titles. She retired in 1998 with a 3rd Place finish at the Western Wisconsin Pheasant Championship, finishing out a great career. She was one of the all time great Labradors in the game.

Lady enters the “BDC Hall of Fame” as a Legendary Champion with 530 Champion points and she is a 26x Champion with 3 Super Major Titles.

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National Bird Dog Circuit

3 days 2 hours ago

I do not have much faith in extended forecasts, but who is happy with this weather for the week of Worlds? ME!!! 🙋🏼

National Bird Dog Circuit

3 days 7 hours ago

The entry deadline for the PreWorlds event is TOMORROW. Please get ahold of Carla if you are planning on running. This is open to anyone that want to compete ~ not just those qualified for Worlds! Event details can be found on the website,