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2017 Inductee – Jazztime HRK Liberty’s “Cooper”

Owner/Handler:  Richard and Marlene Sipes/Ken Neese
1827 Champion Points
Legendary Status Champion
91x Champion
11 Super Major Championships
7 Major Championships

Cooper could do it all and loved he every second of it.  He earned his Grand Master Pointing Retriever Title and Senior Hunting Title both before the age of two. He had three consecutive passes towards his Master Title as well when he stopped the hunt test scene and Richard entered him into the World of Tournament Hunting.  Those accomplishments are great and outstanding; however, when Cooper entered the World of Tournament Hunting he truly found his calling.

Winning tournaments quickly became the norm for Cooper.  Traveling from Virginia to Nebraska, Alabama to Wisconsin and all states in between Cooper proved repeatedly to be arguably the best upland flushing dog to ever enter a field.  His owner Richard Sipes described Cooper in the field perfectly.  He said, “He is Picasso painting.  He sweeps the field like a canvas perfectly and with ease and beauty”.  Cooper’s was often handled by Ken Neese who has said on numerous occasions that Cooper is the easiest and best dog he has ever had the privilege to hunt behind.  You just turn him loose and follow him.

With his outstanding nose and his unbelievable athleticism, Cooper found birds with unmatched speed and grace.  This fact was never as evident as the 2014 World Championships where in the Flushing Doubles Finals, Cooper ran a 5 minute clean run besting the second place dog by over 4 minutes to earn the title of World Champion.  Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that for three consecutive years Cooper earned, and was awarded, the title of BDC Flushing Dog of the Year.  Cooper, who is already inducted into the UFTA Hall of Fame, today enters the BDC Hall of Fame as a Legendary-status dog with 1827 career champion points, 11 Super Major Wins, and 7 Major Wins.  Cooper ends his BDC career 4th overall in the Flushing Lifetime Dog achievement, capping off what can only be described as phenomenal hunting career by simply an AMAZING DOG!!

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National Bird Dog Circuit

3 days 2 hours ago

I do not have much faith in extended forecasts, but who is happy with this weather for the week of Worlds? ME!!! 🙋🏼

National Bird Dog Circuit

3 days 7 hours ago

The entry deadline for the PreWorlds event is TOMORROW. Please get ahold of Carla if you are planning on running. This is open to anyone that want to compete ~ not just those qualified for Worlds! Event details can be found on the website,