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2013 Inductee – Jarvis Lives On In “Newman”

Owner/Handler: Casey Powell
1167 Champion Points
Legendary Status Champion
58x Champion
7 Super Major Championships
2 Major Championships

It was 1998 when Casey Powell stepped foot in his first competition field at the Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club on a snowy winter day in Hill slew. He finished with a clean 10 minute run with a dog named “Stash” and from that point forward he was hooked on the sport. He already had a hunting lab named Jarvis but immediately went out and found a new puppy, a pointing lab he named JJ. Then, when Jarvis died suddenly of cancer, he found Newman.

Jarvis Lives on in Newman was not your normal hunting dog! He was a smaller yellow Labrador retriever, and a product of Colorado’s and Black Forest Kennels. “From a puppy I could tell he was all heart and drive and that it wasn’t going to be easy to keep him in gun range! He was fast and kept busy but that’s when I realized he LOVED Doubles events. Newman loved to haul the mail between the two hunters and he lived for it!”

Newman’s first real test was in 2001 at the NBDCA National Championships in Guthrie Center, IA in the short grass. He went on to easily win the Doubles event over Will Pick and John Bound by flushing 6 birds in just over 3 minutes and forty seconds in the run-off. Casey Powell and Dan Sojka were there to shoot every bird cleanly, just as they did so many times before.

Jarvis Lives On in Newman was a special dog in Doubles competition because he bounced back and forth between hunters with ease and would listen and retrieve to the nearest shooter. Of the great Doubles dogs like Brown’s Gus, Neese’s Ali, Hoyt’s Lexus, Sojka’s Stash, Smith’s Mercedes and Lunde’s Yukon, Newman was similar. He was an incredible athlete and his nose kept up with his speed and quickness, but with Newman you could hunt him 80 yards away from your partner and cover 160 yards of ground with lightning speed and not many dogs could do that then and very few can do it today.

In this authors experienced opinion, Newman was possibly the best Doubles dog that has ever played the game, and if you added up all the: 30 second birds he produced between two hunters it would be astounding. In his relatively short career he enters the BDC Hall of Fame accumulating 1167 BDC Champion points; he won a BDC World Championship, a BDC National Championship, the Players Championship and the Top Gun Championship. In total he won 7 Super Majors and 2 Majors, but will forever be remembered for the hugs he gave at the gate and his unbelievable hustle between two hunters.

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