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2010 Inductee – Raz

Owner/Handler: Mark Hanna
341 BDC Champion Points
Platinum Status Champion
17x Champion
3 Super Major Championships
1 BDC World Championship

Most competitive upland hunters who start out in the game will undoubtedly run into this Hall of Fame owner sooner or later. His entry into the sport was as one of the first to play the game and he, too, started with high expectations for success.

For Mark Hanna it has been a long road with many great dogs in his arsenal, as he has shown an incredible commitment to the sport. But it was ultimately his English Pointer, “Raz”, that would make him a name in the game.

“Raz” never saw a chukker or a pheasant as he grew up as a guide dog in Texas hunting quail, but it only took him a win at Wisconsin Series Wern Valley and Mark knew he had a special dog. Dominating the sport in PHU and Wisconsin Series, Raz would show that he could either guide a 50 bird hunt or win a 4 bird tournament. It was just as simple as that!

He was a monster work-horse who had a wicked point and lightning speed. His retrieve was incredible!

Winning DOG OF THE YEAR titles throughout his career and making the TOP 10 Run-Off in both Top Gun and Doubles at the ‘08 WORLDS, he would go on to give Hanna a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP title at the age of 9 years old, sealing his fate as a Hall of Fame contender.

In almost every event he attended it was natural for this hard working pointer to place in the money. He brought a great spirit to the game; was steady to wing; had a great nose and gave his owner, Mark Hanna, some very special memories.

Buried now under a pine tree just a few short steps from Hanna’s front porch, Mark will sit there, glance over and cherish the memories they had together.

“Raz” enters the BDC Hall of Fame a Platinum Status Champion earning 341 Lifetime Champion Points; Championed 17X with 3 Super Major Championships, and 1 BDC World Championship title.

He was a great dog and will forever be remembered.

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