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2006 Inductee – Ali Ak Chin

Ali_06Ali Ak Chin
1006 THCP

We may never run across a hunting dog that had as much impact on the sport of upland game hunting as this Hall of Fame Inductee.

Not only did she dominate our game as a puppy and as an adult, she also whelped a tremendous line of hunting Labradors and produced some of the best tournament bloodlines in the world.

With 1006 THCC points, she set the bar for all flushers as a 50x Champion in the Tournament Hunter Champions Club. She left us from old age in the spring of 2005 as the #1 World Ranked flushing dog ever.

Over her unbelievable 12 year career, she won 5 Pheasant Hunters Unlimited National titles; over a dozen High Point races in the WI Series and PHU; and at the age of 12 years old and on the “last run of her tournament life”, she gave her owner Ken Neese one more memory. Less than 6 months before Ali died, she gave her all to beat 48 dogs to win her 6th Super Major, and claim the “Classic Championships” title on national television.

Ken stated it best when he reflected on Ali and said, “Ali found birds when you would swear none were there. She was an unbelievable dog, and my best friend. Not a day goes by that we don’t miss her or a tournament goes by that I wish I still had her. She amazed me every time we entered the field.”

Ali AK Chin enters the THCC Hall of Fame as the #1 World Ranked flushing dog ever!

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I do not have much faith in extended forecasts, but who is happy with this weather for the week of Worlds? ME!!! 🙋🏼

National Bird Dog Circuit

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The entry deadline for the PreWorlds event is TOMORROW. Please get ahold of Carla if you are planning on running. This is open to anyone that want to compete ~ not just those qualified for Worlds! Event details can be found on the website,