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2009 – BJ’S Ohi Hitman Nash

Nash_picBJ’S Ohi Hitman Nash
Owner/Handler: Brad Pomrenke
360 BDC Champion Points
Platinum Status Champion
18x Champion
1 Super Major Win
2 Major Wins

Every competitive upland game hunter starts out in the game with high expectations for success.  Usually with a dog that shows big potential for hunting birds!

For  Brad Pomrenke it was his White and Liver German Shorthair Pointer Hitman “Nash” that would make him a name in the game.

BJ’s OHI Hitman “Nash” dominated the early 2000’s in the Pointing Division, winning PHU and Wisconsin Series titles, and winning awards all over the Midwest.  He won the hearts of a “new class” of competitors by hunting his way to the top.

He showed the desire to work for the gun like few dogs ever have or ever will, and changed the game with his ability to handle for any hunter.

His career wasn’t long, as he only started playing the game hard at 8 years old. But in that time between 2000 and 2005, he accumulated many awards.  He got big points when the points were few to get.

To receive a lifetime achievement award in the BDC and to win these amazing titles, a dogs focus on the job can never falter; they show a consistency and drive to please, that is astonishing!

BJ’s OHI Hitman “Nash” made Brad Pomrenke the great player he is today.  He changed his life forever and will never be forgotten.

BJ’s OHI Hitman “Nash” enters the BDC Hall of Fame an 18x Champion, with 360 Champion points winning one Super Major and two Major Championships. He is a Platinum Champion, and was a wonderful dog.

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