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2009 Inductee – Stash Dillon Sojka

1 National Championship
3 Super Major Championships
3 Major Championships

September 19th 1996 was a special day and was the day that would forever change the dynamic of this game. It was the day that a little black and white springer spaniel was born into the world who would go onto win his first puppy event in 1998 and a BDC national championship in 2001, therefore collectively “hooking” his owner on this incredible sport.

Most people in the game today don’t remember him, and never watched him run and hunt, but with a strong work ethic this springer spaniel crashed the cover with as much tenacity as any dog today and marked and retrieved every bird with pure energy! Growling and kicking up the dirt with his rear paws before every run, his owner, Dan Sojka would just smile knowing he was ready to go!

Watching your dog perform week in and week out, the strong bond you make, and the feeling of anticipation for an upcoming event together is what this sport is all about. The BDC lifetime points system, and the entire BDC organizations goal for tracking a dogs lifetime achievements stemmed from “one dog” and the fact that “all” dogs should be remembered long after they retire and pass away.

It’s been 14 years since the legend, “Stash” was born and eventually hit the ground running, but throughout those years he was the inspiration for the BDC points system, tracking data and all the sport offers today. He gave his owner, Dan Sojka a vision that has provided us all an incredible opportunity to share those memories of past champions with friends and family that will forever be remembered.

Stash Dillon Sojka enters the BDC hall of fame as a legendary status champion earning 679 BDC lifetime points, he championed 33x with 2 super major championships, 2 BDC major championships, and a BDC national championship title.

He was a special dog who will be forever be remembered.

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National Bird Dog Circuit

14 hours 55 minutes ago

There is always so much emphasis on Dog of the Year! Did you know that we have other "of the Year" awards given each year? Here is where we are at with them as we near the upcoming Top Gun Championships and your last opportunity get earn more points!!

Region 1
Robby - Jerry Kaupang (31 Champion Points)
Sarge - Scott LaPlante (24 Champion Points)
Region 2
Reno - Brad Jentzsch (43 Champion Points)
Clay - Bernie Birkenholz (41 Champion Points)
Regions 3-6 are locked in for Puppy of the Year
Region 3 - Hell Fire - Richard Sipes
Region 4 - Zeb - Mark Krieg
Region 5 - Sammie - Ron Ricks
Region 6 - One Hop - Matt Behe

Region 1, 4, 5, and 6 have clinched, and Region 3 does not have representation
Regon 1 - Mazey - Brian Roushar
Region 2
Aspen - Ethan Scheffler (56 Champion Points)
Raven - Tim Samelstad (32 Champion Points)
Region 3 - N/A
Region 4 - Breeze - Barbara Eskam
Region 5 - Skye - Kip Burns
Region 6 - Red - Seth Woodall

Puppy of the Year Points are earned in Puppy, Top Gun, and Doubles. If you have a puppy, REMEMBER to DECLARE that your dog is a puppy on the first of the year, otherwise we do not know. The Top Champion Point earner in each Region will compete at Nationals for the title.

This award is won by having the most Champion Points earned in Top Gun and Doubles Divisions. Current standings are:
Kevin Eskam - 613 Pts (2 Super Major wins and 6 Major wins)
Ron Ricks - 537 Pts (1 Super Major win and 5 Major wins)
Tom Glynn - 523 Pts (4 Super Major wins and 2 Major wins)
Bernie Birkenholz - 509 Pts (1 Super Major win)
Mike Pyle - 481 Pts (1 Major win)
Craig Steinbach- 475 Pts (2 Super Major wins and 3 Major wins)

This award is won by having the most Champion Points earned in the Masters Division. Current standings are:
Bryan Matthews - 131 Pts (1 Super Major win)
Kyle Kerstetter - 112 Pts (2 Super Major wins)
Richard Sipes - 98 Pts
Jerry Brost - 76 Pts

This award is won by having the most Qualifying Points earned in the Ladies Division. Current standings are:
Barbara Eskam - 537 Pts (1 Super Major win and 1 Major win)
Holly Tompkins - 324 Pts (1 Super Major win and 1 Major win)
Sara Thorne - 239 Pts (1 Super Major win and 1 Major win)
Cheyanne Bell - 169 Pts (2 Super Major wins)
Teresa Lee - 158 Pts

This award is won by having the most Qualifying Points earned in the Hunter Flusher Division. Current standings are:
Tim Ettleman - 27 Pts
Sara Thorne - 27 Pts
Alex Kerstetter - 26 Pts
Paul Holmquist - 16 Pts
Jeff Tryon - 15 Pts

This award is won by having the most Qualifying Points earned in the Hunter Pointer Division. Current standings are:
Teresa Lee - 85 Pts (1 Super Major win)
Troy Tueller - 56 Pts
Sara Thorne - 52 Pts
Thomas Stephens - 30 Pts (1 Super Major win)
Joe Rowan - 25 Pts

This award is won by having the most Qualifying Points earned in the Youth Division. Current standings are:
Tucker Holmquist
Colten Lecher
Gage Lecher
3 Points separate these 3 young men with one event left.

With only that ONE event remaining, I wish you all the best of luck as you attempt to secure your placement in these hard fought titles! AND...for those that have clinched, CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a fantastic accomplishment and one you should be extremely proud of!

National Bird Dog Circuit

5 days 10 hours ago

Here are the current standings for Flushing Dog of the Year!

Region 1 Champion Points
Murphy-Earl Hacking (113) *Clinched

Region1 Qualifying Points
Mazey-Brian Roushar (188)
Keno-Mike Peterson (185)

Region2 Champion Points
Rosalee-Jerry Brost (227) *Clinched

Region 2 Qualifying Points
Ace-Ethan Scheffler (346) *Clinched

Region 3 Champion Points
Storm-Kyle Kerstetter (186) *Clinched

Region3 Qualifying Points
June-Dan Steingraber (289) *Clinched

Region 4 Champion Points
Terzah-Barbara Eskam (158) *Clinched

Region 4 Qualifying Points
Molly-Todd Perdue (333)
Bailey-Todd Perdue (332)
Sonny-Dan Cathcart (307)
Cam-Dan Cathcart (300)

Region 5 Champion Points
Mossy-Kip Burns (104)
Buddy-Bing Wesner (102)

Region 5 Qualifying Points
Mossy-Kip Burns (289)
Skye-Kip Burns (288)
Marley-Bryan Matthews (170)

Region 6 Champion Points
Red-Seth Woodall (74) *Clinched

Region 6 Qualifying Points
Beast-Matt Behe (209) *Clinched

With the Top Gun Championships being the last event of the season, we could see some changes to these standings. Regions 1, 4, and 5 could see some movement!