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2014 Inductee – Hanson’s “Jackson”

Owner/Handler: Mark Hanson
651 Champion Points
Legendary Status Champion
33x Champion
6 Super Major Championships
1 Major Championships

Jackson became a Hanson family member halfway through the first year of his
life.  He had no idea that he would have such a wonderful life ahead and the
Hanson’s had no idea that Jackson would leave them with so many wonderful,
lifelong memories.  And, what an adventure Jackson and Mark had!

New to the game, Mark and Jackson jumped right into the action and never looked
back.  Jackson shined as a puppy where he became the 2008-2009 Wisconsin Series
Puppy Pointer Dog of the Year and closed the season by becoming the 2009 BDC
Puppy Pointer National Champion.  After moving up to play with the “big boys,”
he obtained some exceptional, noteworthy titles: 2011-2012 Wisconsin Series
Single Pointer Champion Dog of the Year, 2011 BDC World Single and Double
Pointer Champion, and 2011 BDC National Double Pointer Champion.

Jackson, gone too soon, was making a statement; following in the footsteps of
his father, Reggie.  In the field, whether tournament or pleasure hunting,
Jackson would move through the field, methodically, with his head high, combing
through the cover ensuring that no game was left behind.  A warrior in the
field, he was also all heart, making him a gentleman in the home.  He truly
enjoyed family time, where he looked forward to resting his head on Mark’s lap
after a job well done in the field.  Bless his heart.

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National Bird Dog Circuit

4 days 16 hours ago

Here are the current standings for Flushing Dog of the Year!

Region 1 Champion Points
Murphy-Earl Hacking (113) *Clinched

Region1 Qualifying Points
Mazey-Brian Roushar (188)
Keno-Mike Peterson (185)

Region2 Champion Points
Rosalee-Jerry Brost (227) *Clinched

Region 2 Qualifying Points
Ace-Ethan Scheffler (346) *Clinched

Region 3 Champion Points
Storm-Kyle Kerstetter (186) *Clinched

Region3 Qualifying Points
June-Dan Steingraber (289) *Clinched

Region 4 Champion Points
Terzah-Barbara Eskam (158) *Clinched

Region 4 Qualifying Points
Molly-Todd Perdue (333)
Bailey-Todd Perdue (332)
Sonny-Dan Cathcart (307)
Cam-Dan Cathcart (300)

Region 5 Champion Points
Mossy-Kip Burns (104)
Buddy-Bing Wesner (102)

Region 5 Qualifying Points
Mossy-Kip Burns (289)
Skye-Kip Burns (288)
Marley-Bryan Matthews (170)

Region 6 Champion Points
Red-Seth Woodall (74) *Clinched

Region 6 Qualifying Points
Beast-Matt Behe (209) *Clinched

With the Top Gun Championships being the last event of the season, we could see some changes to these standings. Regions 1, 4, and 5 could see some movement!

National Bird Dog Circuit

4 days 16 hours ago

Here are the current standings for Pointing Dog of the Year!

Region 1 Champion Points
Thor-Josh Tucker (53)
Scout-Scott LaPlante (47)

Region 1 Qualifying Points
Scout-Scott LaPlante (409)
Nala-Scott Lambert (336)

Region 2 Champion Points
Puckett-Bernie Birkenholz (254) *Clinched

Region 2 Qualifying Points
Letz-Bill Steeno (496)
Wolfgang-Bob Garrity (479)

Region 3 Champion Points
Sawyer-Tom Glynn (291) *Clinched

Region 3 Qualifying Points
Shooter-Richard Sipes (438)
Ralphie-Jack Heim (408)

Region 4 Champion Points
Ruger-Mike Pyle (197) *Clinched

Region 4 Qualifying Points
Riley-Kevin Eskam (676) *Clinched

Region 5 Champion Points
Sammie-Ron Ricks (130)
Rango-Mark Moyle (118)
Jeff-Mark Moyle (114)

Region 5 Qualifying Points
Sammie-Ron Ricks (658)
Mater-Ron Ricks (652)
Dasie-Holly Tompkins (540)

Region 6 Champion Points
Slick-Matt Behe (108) *Clinched

Region 6 Qualifying Points
Costa-David Register (205) *Clinched

We could still see some movement in the closes races in Regions 1, 2, 3, and 5.