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2013 Inductee – Hackamore “Hey Joe”

Hey_JoeHey Joe
Owner/Handler: Dan Sojka
1593 Champion Points
Legendary Status Champion
80x Champion
9 Super Major Championships
7 Major Championships

In 2002, when most of the guys in the country were just introducing themselves to each other at the 1st Annual “The Players Championship” in Ridgeway, MO, this little black and white Springer spaniel was barely two-years-old. Players like Ken Neese and Casey Powell had never met before. Guys like Randy Polley, Mike Wallace and Jerry Rainwater didn’t know Craig Steinbach or Bernie Birkenholz, and it was Mark Sweeney’s first event. This was not only an exciting time for the players in the game, it was an exciting time for the new, young dogs that were introducing themselves versus the veteran dogs like Ali, Gus, Fletch, Riggs, Lordy, Ebony, Trapper, Lexus, JJ, Yukon, and Stash.

Hey Joe won that Super Major event in the Sunday run-off with a couple 2-minute clean runs combined. He went on to win that same event the next two years as well, and he did it with the same incredible fast-sweeping, heart-pounding motion that he put into every run. Pure speed and agility with lightning quick flushes that gave his owner, Dan Sojka, not much time to panic … but many heart pounding heart attacks! It forced Dan to practice shooting far away birds and have the 50-yard “crosser” shot in his bag to be competitive over his very fast quartering dog.

Hackamore “Hey Joe” made the game exciting to watch. He was on the edge and he gave his whole heart in every run! Today Hey Joe enters the BDC Hall of Fame with 1,593 Champion points, winning 9 Super Majors, one being a BDC National title, and 7 Majors. Hey Joe was an incredible, energetic, athlete who never gave up. A very special dog who will forever be remembered.

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I do not have much faith in extended forecasts, but who is happy with this weather for the week of Worlds? ME!!! 🙋🏼

National Bird Dog Circuit

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The entry deadline for the PreWorlds event is TOMORROW. Please get ahold of Carla if you are planning on running. This is open to anyone that want to compete ~ not just those qualified for Worlds! Event details can be found on the website,