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2006 Inductee – Brown’s Go Getter Gus

Browns_Go_Getter_Gus_06Brown’s Go Getter Gus
291 THCP

Over the course of any tournament hunters life, it is a major accomplishment to win 1 NBDCA “National Title.” This Hall of Famer, yellow Labrador has won 3 National Titles.

One of the most stylish pointing labs to ever play the game, Gus placed over 75% of the time he was entered.

By 11 years old, Brown’s Go Getter Gus accumulated 291 Tournament Hunter Champion points, and is a 14x Champion in the Tournament Hunter Champions Club.

His best attributes are an unbelievable nose for birds, his desire to win, and his speed on the retrieve.

Owner Shannon Brown from International Falls, Minnesota had limited opportunity to campaign Gus, so there is no telling how many more titles or championships they may have acquired together.

Shannon explains “We’re so proud of him. He gave us everything he had on every run, he accomplished more than we could ever ask, and we love him so much. He’s such a part of our family.”

Brown’s Go Getter Gus enters the THCC Hall of Fame as the only dog in history to ever win 3 NBDCA National Titles!

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