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2015 Inductee – Garrity’s “Albert”

Owner/Handler: Bob and Lisa Garrity
1303 Champion Points
Legendary Status Champion
65x Champion
7 Super Major Championships
10 Major Championships

The day Albert became part of the Garrity family, Lisa went to pick up a little wirehaired puppy taking with her a smalldog kennel. Little did Lisa know, Albert was about half grown at 7 months of age. Albert grew to be a very big dog, for a German Wirehair Pointer anyway, whose heart was equally as large. He quickly became a great family dog. He was good with the grandkids, and he loved running in the yard and beyond. Albert honed his hunting skills in by hunting anything that he could find in the yard. In the house, Albert was an escape artist and had the great ability to get out of any enclosure. After destroying several kennels and padlocks, Bob and Lisa gave up the fight and quit trying to kennel him and gave him run of the house.

Albert began his hunting career with two of the worst gunners in tournament hunting, which in turn, created one of the best retrieving machines known today. After several shots taken at a bird, it was not unusual for Albert to chase a live rooster into the woods and come back with a hen. Albert was quickly recognized as one of the best bird dogs in Wisconsin. Albert just needed someone that could hit a bird for him. As the shooting improved over Albert, he soon became the champion hunter he is today. Albert was not the speed demon that others in the class were in the field, but his keen nose, and methodical and precise movement through the field proved to be a successful combination for Bob and Albert as well as many others who had the privilege to hunt with him. Today as you see dog names on the prestigious BDC Black Jackets, you will find Albert’s name on many of them. In fact, there are competitors that don’t necessarily like German Wirehair Pointers that have had to live with a champion photo of Albert on the mantle for a year or so, just ask Mark Sweeney.

Words to describe Albert would include: loveable and big-hearted, amazing hunting ability, undeniable drive and ability to please, and constant companion. Albert is the 4th ranked dog in the BDC Pointing Dog Lifetime standings. He has won 7 Super Majors and 10 Majors. His legacy will live on through the twins; Amadeus and Wolfgang, who get many of their best traits from their father, Albert.

We can attest that Albert was a hell of a dog and likely the best hunting partner Bob has ever had, and best companion that Bob and Lisa share. He was a gentle giant who loved anyone that he came in contact with, as well as a force to be reckoned with in the tournament hunting world and one that will never be forgotten.

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National Bird Dog Circuit

16 hours 41 minutes ago

It is impossible to forget a dog that has given someone so many special memories. Ken and Mary Sweeney and their girl, JayDee, are no exception to this. Ken knew early on that he had something special in JayDee and loved to compete with her. He especially enjoyed the privilege of competing with her alongside Mark. Unfortunately their time was cut short as JayDee succumbed to liver cancer. JayDee earned 173 Champion Points in her short career, she was the 2014 Amateur Dog of the Year, and she was also the 2014 National Puppy Champion. She was paving the way to a very promising career. She was a special dog in the BDC and an even more special dog to the Sweeney's. Please keep them in your thoughts as they mourn this loss. RIP Sweet JayDee.

National Bird Dog Circuit

6 days 21 hours ago

The entry deadline for this event is quickly approaching! Who will take home the win? Get your entries in for you chance at the win and the money!

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