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2011 Inductee – Foreman

Owner/Handler: Bernie Birkenholz
725 Champion Points
Legendary Status Champion
36x Champion
2 Super Major Championships
7 Major Championships

Foreman was ridiculously big and chubby when he was born. He grew into a gentle giant with a huge heart. He always gave 110% and covered ground effortlessly. When you watched him run by himself he did not seem to move that fast. It was only when other dogs were around that you realized just how fast his long legs could carry him. It was his long nose that made him special; for all his speed, he could not outrun his nose. His doubles partners universally spoke of what a privilege it was to hunt with him.

Foreman burst into tournament hunting as a 10-month-old puppy when he finished second at the 2007 Top Gun Championship in the Pointer Division. He went on to win Dog of the Year as a two-year-old in 2008 and earned his Legendary status that same year. There was never a day that Foreman did not want to go hunting and thrived on the excitement of big tournaments.

Foreman was only four years old when he passed. Perhaps he knew his time was short and that is why he tried so hard with so many accomplishments in the short amount of time he competed.

Big Rock Von Foreman enters the BDC Hall of Fame earning 725 Lifetime Champion Points; was a 36 time Champion including 2 Super Major Championships and 7 Major Championships.

Foreman’s time was short but the quality of his achievements is long and he will always be remembered.

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National Bird Dog Circuit

18 hours 28 minutes ago

A quick note to remind everyone that the entry deadline for the BDC National Championships is one week from today (next Sunday)! Get your entry forms and deposits in the mail soon so you are in by the deadline!

National Bird Dog Circuit

1 week 4 days ago

Invitational 2018 Flushing Doubles Champion, Perazzi! She is a bit of a diva so having owner, Kyle Kerstetter and partner Tom Glynn in the picture wasn’t an option! Congratulations Raz, Kyle, and Tom on your win!