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2007 Inductee – Domino

Owner/Handler: Bernie Birkenholz
256 BDC Points
2 SM wins
13x Champion
Gold Status Champion

The mid 1990’s was a transition year in upland game competitive hunting. A new era was beginning and the sport was growing and changing. Bernie Birkenholz was a fairly unknown name in the game and depended on his German Shorthair, Domino, to win them championships.

Before Reggie, Foreman, and Indy, it was Domino that brought him to the next level of competition.

She ran with confidence. She was smart and had a huge heart to work in the field. Her incredible bird finding ability and staunch point won her a BDC National title and a US Open Championship.

She accumulated 256 Champion points when points were few and far between, and the season was a lot shorter.

Every upland game competitor has a special dog that gives them the confidence to dedicate their lives to the sport, and for Bernie Birkenholz it was Domino who did just that.

German Shorthair, Domino, enters the “BDC Hall of Fame” with 256 Champion points. She is a 13x Champion and has 2 Super Major wins.

Domino will forever be remembered as the dog who gave Bernie the opportunity to be great.

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