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2013 Inductee – Westview’s “Chance”

Owner/Handler: Ken Neese
950 Champion Points
Legendary Status Champion
48x Champion
8 Super Major Championships
1 Major Championship

Whenever a new puppy comes on the scene it is an exciting time. That time for Ken and Dale Neese was in 2002 at the “Players Championship” in Ridgeway, MO when they introduced their new puppy, yellow lab Chance, to the BDC. Already stars of the PHU circuit and Wisconsin Series, Ken and Dale were now entering a new chapter in history and with dogs like Ali, Mesa, and Candy in their arsenal, they had a lot of dog power already.

Chance would not disappoint. “He came out of the box as eager as any dog I’ve trained and never looked back. He was by far the easiest dog I’ve ever trained in my career and the most intelligent!” Ken would go on to say, “He was not the fastest but the most thorough in the field with a great nose and every time I came to the gate with him I felt confident we could beat the fastest time.”

Chance had lightning quick retrieves and rarely fumbled a bird; actually jumping into Ken’s pocket to retrieve it. He would literally pound the birds on the nest and trapped more than his share. But while Westview’s Chance won many Championships including the first BDC World Championships in Doubles vs. Hey Joe, Newman and Lexus, he had an even larger impact on the game.

Chance would go on to Sire an incredible brew of amazing dogs. Those dogs would combine for 7 BDC World Championships to date, and many National Titles. He is the Sire to some amazing dogs in the game; namely, Drake, Tilly, Reba, Tikka and Dezi just to name a few. Those dogs have so far combined for over 6500 BDC Champion points.

The legacy of Chance and his contribution to the game can never be overstated. He enters the BDC Hall of Fame today with 950 BDC Champion points, winning 8 BDC Super Major Championships, one World Championship, and one Major Championship. He is one of the most important dogs to ever grace the game and he will forever be remembered.

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I do not have much faith in extended forecasts, but who is happy with this weather for the week of Worlds? ME!!! 🙋🏼

National Bird Dog Circuit

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The entry deadline for the PreWorlds event is TOMORROW. Please get ahold of Carla if you are planning on running. This is open to anyone that want to compete ~ not just those qualified for Worlds! Event details can be found on the website,